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GRP at 30 – New Compilation

Happy Anniversary to the label that introduced me to so many great artists. It was On the Cutting Edge GRP Sampler way back in 1989 or so that helped get me hooked on contemporary jazz. Nice to see Verve recognize the greatest contemporary jazz label ever with a new compilation.

  1. Peter J Blume

    4 years ago

    Hey John–thanks for the heads up!–was hugely influenced by GRP (& especially Dave Grusin–still am) too. I’m not sure where I found it–it might have actually been through you, but I read this very interesting interview with Dave & Larry Rosen in discussing their company’s 30 year Anniversary. Here’s the link:

    all the best,
    -Peter J Blume

  2. John Hilderbrand

    4 years ago

    Thanks, Peter! I will definitely check out that link.