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Wayne Shorter on Jazz Again »

This is Wayne Shorter on jazz: “If you’re playing something that’s supposed to sound like it’s supposed to be . . . and you’re perfecting this mandatory expression with mandates all around it, it’s nothing more than a statue,” says Shorter. “Like polishing a statue.” It’s further pinpoints a similar point Wayne made earlier about […]

Wayne Shorter Jazz Quote »

“There used to be a thing where people would say, “this is not jazz! Blah, blah, blah. It’s supposed to sound like this.” Whenever there’s a prescription for what something is supposed to be, to look like or sound like, then to me, that’s a statue.” I love listening to Wayne speak. He always makes […]

Beyond the Sound Barrier from the Wayne Shorter Quartet »

I can’t do a better job of describing or promoting Wayne Shorter’s latest release, Beyond the Sound Barrier, than this new interview with the man by Bill Milkowski at at the Abstract Logix site. What more can be said of the incredible abilities of Shorter and his quartet of Danilo Perez, John Patitucci, and Brian […]