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Review: It Remains To Be Seen from Afro Elements »

I hadn’t heard Afro Elements, but while digging around the web, I came across a link to their site from Down To The Bone’s website. Later, after I mentioned in a post on my blog that the album art on It Remains To Be Seen was a replica of Jeff Lorber’s Wizard Island, Simon from […]

Review: Tom Scott – Cannon Re-Loaded »

Always a fan of Tom Scott’s, I’ve been waiting for this release for a while. Although when his name is mentioned, most contemporary jazz fans think of Tom Scott’s releases such as LA Express, New York Connection, Apple Juice, or any number of the outstanding recordings he did while on GRP. But there were two, […]

Review: Neil Larsen – Orbit »

Neil Larsen is definitely not a household name when it comes to contemporary jazz unless you’re hardcore, know your history, and have been listening to the music long before the “Wave” signified something other than what you surfed on. An extraordinary keyboardist, who’s spent a great deal of his career making other musicians sound better, […]

Review: Ray Lyon – Figures of the True »

When I started listening to contemporary jazz in the late 80s, the music I enjoyed most was that created by those who had something more to share than a five-minute pop-jazz composition. Since most of the music I get these days fits into what has become smooth jazz, I was ecstatic to receive two discs […]

Reviews: Paradise Swamp from Catherine Delgadillo; Transformation from Tal Wilkenfeld »

I recently downloaded two new releases, both by ax–wielding women, Catherine Delgadillo, a guitarist, and bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, who started out on guitar before switching instruments. Both of these young women show promise, poise and maturity on these, their debut releases. Delgadillo’s Paradise Swamp is a fusion offering that treads very heavily in progressive instrumental […]

Review: Brian Mitchell – Rhythm & Poetry »

Another recording I came across, searching for information on current jazz recordings I’ve recently picked, on MySpace, is Brian Mitchell’s Rhythm & Poetry. I never heard of Mitchell, but he’s on a few of my recent acquisitions. This is one funky release. “The Duo” of Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, along with Mike Dillon, aids […]

Review: Chris Geith – Timeless World »

Wow! Until I received Timeless World to review, I’d never heard of Chris Geith. According to his biography, he’s an accomplished songwriter and musician who has had over 1.4 million of his songs downloaded. Here’s to the democracy that the web brings to the music industry! Bio aside, this much I know: Geith’s latest gem […]

Review: Lunar Orbit from the Karl Denson Trio »

I’ve been listening to Lunar Orbit, Karl Denson’s first studio release, outside of a few download-only tracks I stumbled upon last year, in quite sometime. I’ll admit I’ve been a fan of Denson’s since 2001 when I picked up his Blue Note release, Dance Lesson #2, so I’d been on the lookout for this release […]

Review: Josh Roseman – New Constellations (Live In Vienna) »

Josh Roseman’s latest recording is horn-driven, funked out, spacey reggae with a dose of dub tossed in for good measure. Roseman’s trombone, whether it’s straight and buttery, muted, electrified, or chorused is front and center on all the tunes. Like his two earlier recordings, Cherry and the very excellent Treats For The Nightwalker, New Constellations […]

Review: Metro – Express »

I’ve listened to Metro’s latest release a half dozen times over the last week – and I’ve probably read and re-read the Forum thread regarding Express just as many times. I’m not sure if I get it or I’m missing something – yes, this release is not as rocking and balls to the wall […]