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Marc Moulin Has Died »

I knew Marc Moulin’s acid jazz/nu jazz music from his Blue Note release here entitled Top Secret. I think it’s the only one of his Blue Note recordings issued here. However, as I just learned, he had a long-lived career starting with a fusion band called Placebo and including the electro-pop band Telex. He died […] Radio Adds – Early September » Radio plays nu jazz, acid jazz, remixed jazz, jazzy house, and other groove jazz styles. It’s online all the time and is free (with ads) or you can purchase a VIP package for commercial free listening and other benefits. In the last few weeks, I’ve added new music from a number of artists I […]

Aaron Parks: Progressive Jazz Piano »

Aaron Parks has played piano on the last three Terence Blanchard recordings. I’m a big fan of those and the have made certain that the band was mentioned as an integral aspect of them. Now Mr. Parks has his chance to shine with Invisible Cinema, his debut on Blue Note Records. The Boston Globe says […]

Mos Def and The Experience? »

From a recent Kansas City Star article: “The Jammin’ at the Gem series [concerts presented by the American Jazz Museum in KC] has added another show, a promising jazz-plus-hip-hop departure. Mos Def and the Experience, the Brooklyn rapper in tandem with a star-studded jazz band, will appear Nov. 29.” I wasn’t able to find anything […]

Nu Jazz (or is it Nu-Jazz?) Defined »

I’ve always had trouble identifying, and sometimes describing, the music I enjoy. Here is the best definition I’ve found.