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Internet Radio Is Still In Trouble »

From 2003 to 2010, I maintained an internet radio station on Live365. I did it for one reason: passion. I love the music I listen to and always want to share. Sometime in the middle of that period, organizations with big money started to see internet radio as a threat. Royalty rates were hiked beyond […]

GRP at 30 – New Compilation »

Happy Anniversary to the label that introduced me to so many great artists. It was On the Cutting Edge GRP Sampler way back in 1989 or so that helped get me hooked on contemporary jazz. Nice to see Verve recognize the greatest contemporary jazz label ever with a new compilation. <A HREF=””> Widgets</A>

My First Guitar »

George Benson is one of the 70 top-notch guitarists interviewed for My First Guitar, a new book by Julia Crowe. The musicians share memories of the first time they picked up the instrument, including the challenges and successes. I can just image the smiles on some of those guys faces when they were reminiscing.

Drum & Bass + Jazz from Flowrian »

Sounds I’d expect from LTJ Bukem’s great label!

Things I Know About Built to Last from the Rippingtons »

Though it’s been a while since I considered myself a fan of the Rippingtons, I have always remained interested in the Russ Freeman project. Tourist in Paradise was my first love of contemporary jazz and you never forget your first love. Built to Last is the new recording by the Rippingtons. Here’s what I’ve gathered […]

Interview with Branford Marsalis »

Black Music Disaster »

I don’t know anything else about this June 5th Thirsty Ear release but I am anxious to hear it! The press release: Hailing from both the UK and US, Black Music Disaster is a super indie group featuring Spiritualized’s legendary J Spaceman, Spring Heel Jack’s multi-instrumental innovator John Coxon, acclaimed jazz icon Matthew Shipp and […]

Hiroshima – Departure »

Review of the contemporary jazz recording Departure by Hiroshima by John Hilderbrand I stopped writing reviews a few years ago. One of the major reasons is that I just didn’t have any new things to say. Fortunately, Hiroshima doesn’t have that problem. The group, led by Dan Kuramoto, continues to make their own East Meets […]

Incognito – Surreal »

It looks like the unstoppable Incognito has a new collection of vocal soul/jazz gems out here in the States on March 26. Surreal features vocalists Natalie Williams, Mo Brandis, Vanessa Haynes, and Maysa plus one pure Incognito instrumental. You can take sample all of the new tracks at Amazon right now. Widgets

Best of Jazzmatazz from Guru »

Among the $5.00 MP3 albums Amazon is offering this month is the The Best of Guru’s Jazzmatazz. The late rapper collaborates with some top-notch talent for this hip hop meets jazz compilation. Jamiroquai, Ronny Jordan, Donald Byrd, and Lonnie Liston Smith are just a few of the artists you’ll hear. &amp;lt;A HREF=”;amp;ServiceVersion=20070822&amp;amp;MarketPlace=US&amp;amp;ID=V20070822%2FUS%2Fsantasoundsco-20%2F8014%2Fabb0a636-3a78-4e71-a93b-dd579c6268a6&amp;amp;Operation=NoScript”&amp;gt; Widgets&amp;lt;/A&amp;gt;